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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

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At the conclusion of 2009 I decided to take a sabbatical from blogging, social networking, and all the other unneccessaries that were clogging up my days in order to get quiet and plan for 2010 and spend some real time reconnect with what matters. I did that and I tell you that every person should take time to do the same from time to time.  Although I did return to social networking, I put blogging on the bad burner because I had been writing several on about 3 different blogs and the unwarranted pressure to write something when I really didn’t need to was exhausting. So I hung it up for a while.

Now, I am coming out of blog retirement; leaving my other jersey in the rafters, I just wanted to come back to this blog in particular because I just wanted to write whenever something came to mind that I wanted to say. No agenda. Davidisms is for just when I want to flush my mind out.


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jordanI’m originally from the Chicago metro area and when this past weekend I got to see the Bulls fight it out against the Celtics (the Bulls lost by the way) it reminded me of the Bulls glory days so much that I got inspired to either go out and shoot hoops or to go on youtube and look at old Michael Jordan clips… I chose the latter.

While watching the clips I noticed how amazing a ball player Michael Jordan was. Second to none. But then I ran across a clip of Mike trying to play baseball. A fish out of water. But once he came back to basketball he was immediately “in his lane.”

Fast forward a few days to today: Today I was watching ABC’s The View and they had guest James Carville on. He’s the guy who was the lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s campaign and now a constant guest on CNN for all things political. After he finished he segment my wife and I commented on how smart he is. I told her, yes he is probably smart but more than being smart he is probably just “in his lane.” He is almost “Jordanesque” when talking politics.

Davidism #15- Find your lane and run in it: Discover that thing that you do that you do almost effortlessly. Once you find that it’ll make you look like a genius. It’s your lane. Anything else you do while you may be good at it you won’t be great at it.

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