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plaxicoMy heart goes out to Plaxico Burress. It really does. I was at the gym this morning watching an interview on ESPN with him crying about having to go to jail on a mandatory minimum sentence of 2 years for carrying a gun in public. Worse than that is he didn’t kill anyone… he shot himself in the leg. So he’s burying his head in his hands on the notion that he will be in jail when his new baby is born. Quite sad. However, I can’t help but NOT feel bad for some of these athletes and entertainers. Not because they are famous and I am jealous of their… “success,” but because these people won’t do what we all are taxed with everyday which is to simply THINK.

Why did Plaxico feel like he needed to carry a loaded gun to a night club for? What was he trying to prove? Why didn’t he think about the different scenarios on how that could have gone down? It’s a mark of immaturity for someone to not ‘pre-play’ the consequences of their actions. And this is precisely why I’m not going to give Plaxico a hard time this time. But only with the promise that he actually learns from this lesson. And mature.

I was really going to lay into Plaxico, then I discovered that Senator Ted Kennedy died. I recently saw a documentary on his life and I had become quite a fan of his as a person. He represented strength and shouldering the burden of his family during hard times. But these are words said of him in his latter years. He was considered a statesman at the last leg of his life, but when he was young he made the same stupid mistakes that Plaxico made. The senator was responsible for drinking and driving when he was young and it resulted in the death of a woman that was riding with him.

When people are younger or immature they fail to realize the “finality of decisions” that they make. So I hope that Plaxico, Chris Brown, Michael Vick, and others recently in the news  (not to single out these people)learn from that lesson as well.


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I had a “discussion” (read argument) with my wife Thea yesterday about something that I can’t remember right now, (probably because it was small and we just need a vacation) and the conversation somehow took a turn about little idiosyncracies that irritate us about each other. 

One of the ones that I do that irritate her was that sometimes I tend to repeat something over and over again until I feel like what I said had been acknowledged. For instance, Sunday on the way to church I saw a friend of ours and his wife had driven separate cars to church. I made mention , “Hey, I wonder why Billy and Sally took separate cars this morning?” No response. A moment later, “Yep, that’s their cars alright, that’s weird that they would take separate cars, wonder why they did that.” No real response, just something that seemed like a mumble. A few moments pass. “Honey, why would they take separate cars and then park right next to each other?” Not a peep.

Now, it wasn’t so much that I was enthralled with finding the answer as to why they had two different cars as much as I wanted to be acknowledged that I was speaking. When I think back on it, I realize that it comes from my past where there were times when my parents, who had a house of four eccentric children, would be so tired of the noise that when we would talk to them after a long day, they would not immediately answer… like they just needed a childless moment. So I learned to pester until I got acknowledged. So now I’ve figured out the root of my issue. Now what?

Davidism #8  Regardless of the traceable origins of your behavior you are still held accountable for what you do. This is so true a davidism! Great, I have been able to identify why I do crazy things, but it is now up to me to make the proper adjustment. I can’t lean on the fact that I know why I am the way I am and expect people to understand and accept my annoying behavior. They can consider it as I work on improving but you should never expect someone else to shoulder the burden of the relationship, ever! That’s not walking in love.  Take Chris Brown and Rhianna for example. Chris Brown used the excuse that he saw his parents abuse each other which is why he assaulted Rhianna when the relationship took a bad turn, but now that he’s able to identify the root cause- it is up to him to make a change. The same is true for you… Find out why you are crazy and then change!


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