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jordanI’m originally from the Chicago metro area and when this past weekend I got to see the Bulls fight it out against the Celtics (the Bulls lost by the way) it reminded me of the Bulls glory days so much that I got inspired to either go out and shoot hoops or to go on youtube and look at old Michael Jordan clips… I chose the latter.

While watching the clips I noticed how amazing a ball player Michael Jordan was. Second to none. But then I ran across a clip of Mike trying to play baseball. A fish out of water. But once he came back to basketball he was immediately “in his lane.”

Fast forward a few days to today: Today I was watching ABC’s The View and they had guest James Carville on. He’s the guy who was the lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s campaign and now a constant guest on CNN for all things political. After he finished he segment my wife and I commented on how smart he is. I told her, yes he is probably smart but more than being smart he is probably just “in his lane.” He is almost “Jordanesque” when talking politics.

Davidism #15- Find your lane and run in it: Discover that thing that you do that you do almost effortlessly. Once you find that it’ll make you look like a genius. It’s your lane. Anything else you do while you may be good at it you won’t be great at it.


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