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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

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For some reason people think its ok to “agree to disagree” and leave it at that. Me included.

Now I’m not so sure, particularly in close relationships. At times in order to move on with your day/life it is very important to put a conversation on the shelf – but never let it collect dust. To permanently “agree to disagree”means that you’ll eventually be revisiting the issue because the two involved failed to reach to understand where the other person is ‘coming from.’

Acknowleging another person’s perspective does not mean you agree with where they land in their opinion, but it gives you a frame of reference or the path that led to their conclusion. It’s at that point you understand them. (And not necessarily agree.) You realize that though their conclusion may be flawed, they may not necessarily have bad motives.

You can then address the issue from a more sympathetic stance and maybe even reach a certain point of agreement and avoid potentially eroding the relationship because people feel misunderstood.

There is very little worse than that feeling.

Davidism #28 – Don’t agree to disagree. Reach to understand.

It’s okay to temporarily agree to disagree but make sure to find out if you truly disagree by first trying to understand the other person’s position not by trying to defend your corner.


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There is no bottleneck at top. I assure you. It’s nice and roomy up there. But chances are many folks never know this because they “don’t do windows.” People are quick to let everybody know (including their boss) what’s NOT in their job descriptions and trust me… your boss is taken note. And you will never move beyond where you are until you become OVERQUALIFIED for your present position.

Davidism #22 – Learn the “do windows”: It is really easy to get ahead in life. Just be willing to do what nobody else is willing to do. There are so few people who are willing to take the slightest step to do just a little bit more that when the person in charge sees you take just a LITTLE extra effort you rise head and shoulders above the mediocre rest. And do a good job at it all. You’ll see that as you rise to the top it’s a lot less crowded up there.

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