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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

(This post is apart of #TheLast100Days Series)


Here in Atlanta earlier this week we had some bad flooding due to several days of rain. If you were here (or watched the news) you saw some of the damage. While my family was fine and all of our possessions sustained no damage, there was hundreds upon hundreds of people (perhaps thousands) of people who had total damage and lost everything. There were several deaths reported, many sad stories.

So in light of this challenge that I am apart of, (read about it –> here) it led me to Matthew 25:34-46 (you can read it —here). In brief the story in effect about Jesus coming and giving a reward to some folks telling them they got the reward because when he was hungry they fed him, thirsty… gave him something to drink, homeless and gave him a place to stay, cold and they gave him clothes, when he was sick they came by to visit, etc.

Now these folks were like, “Umm… I think I would have remembered doing all those things for you… so when did we do those things for you?”

And his answer was, “Look, whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored (I think the KJV calls them, “the least of these”) you did it to me.”

This time, since many of us, came out ok in this flood (or many of you were not even in Atlanta) this is your opportunity to do something for someone overlooked or ignored. It doesn’t take much. A bunch of small efforts yield BIG results.

Check out a couple of people below who I know are trying to for “the least of these”:

HELP THEM TODAY… don’t overlook this

Milan Ford and The Pew View

Learning to Live Love: A Small Way to Help

Georgia ASPCA – Shelter for Pets

Or you can do a Twitter search for #atlflood to find others trying to help


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