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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

When President Obama (and every other presidentt for that matter) started the job as president everyone made a big deal out of his “First 100 Days.” They used what he did during that time as a gauge to determine how the rest of his 4 year term would play out.

Each of us started 2009 and tried to make decisions about what things we were going to change by the end of the year and usually in our “first 100 days’ many of us forgot what we set out to do, or simply gave up. Well tomorrow is 9/22/09 and let me tell you what’s so good about that… It means there is exactly 100 days left in 2009 and time to get back on track for 2010. Get a jumpstart.

One particular area where people generally make a pledge at the beginning of the year and then fall off is in reading the Bible more, praying and spending more time building their relationship with God. Well a bunch of people on Twitter have decided to start The Last 100 Days Challenge where from 9/22/09 til December 30th we will make a conscious effort to read or listen to the Bible or some teaching from the Bible everyday til the end of the year. In this effort we intend to jumpstart our relationships with God and develop a habit of reading the Bible.

If you choose to join in, it’s totally up to you what you decide to read each day… and you can even keep up with the rest of us on Twitter by using hashtag #TheLast100Days. I’ll be blogging here as well on different things during this time… so stayed tuned. Hope you participate


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