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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

glass half full

It bothers me sometimes when I ask the same person how things are going and they always answer, “ehh, it’s okay” or how was the food or the movie, and they answer, “ehh, it was alright”

That’s not glass half empty or glass half full. I’m not even sure where that is supposed to be classified when EVERYTHING is mediocre. I would almost rather you tell me life is miserable. (Well that’s not true.)

Here is my advice for the everything is always “just ok” person:

Davidism #25 –  Add more water to your own glass: I’m not sure why if you are an “everything is just ok all the time person” why you feel like life can’t be better than a 5 out of 10 some of the time. Do you think it will offend someone if you say you are feeling better than yesterday or if the meal was better than average? Listen, since the glass is so undecidedly ambiguous to you – add some water to your own glass by counting your blessings. Really take the time to consider what is really good to get the water level to rise to the top. Now the glass is a little more than half full… and feel free to say so.


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