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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

obk1I personally don’t understand the big deal. So what? The POTUS is going to talk to the kids. He’s not the Boogie Man, he’s less scary than that big rat Chuck E Cheese… So what’s the big deal?

Apparently, there are some people that think the president’s “Back to School” speech is some way to push his political agenda. But correct me if I’m wrong… kids still can’t vote. At least not yet. So I am really having a hard time understanding the hoopla.

So it introduces the question… “Is it the man or the message?”

And I am really starting to think it’s the man they are having a problem with. President George H.W. Bush did the same thing. (Even down to the “what can you do to help the president” assignment.)

Laura Bush was interviewed today saying that she believes people should cool off and “respect the president.”

So just in case you are wondering what he is going to say… Here is his speech—> Obama remarks to the kids


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