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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

So many self-proclaim the greatness of their maturity level. But there are several tests of maturity – many of which we fail to pass and yet profess out maturity. I ran across one of those checkpoints of maturity today.

* Can you overlook an offense of a person who doesn’t know any better? *

For those of us who say that we are becoming more mature, can we overlook a situation when we are done wrong by someone who doesn’t know any better – who haven’t risen to our point of maturity. If someone doesn’t know any better they can’t do any better! So how can we hold against them what they haven’t come to the point to understand. Can you forgive them for mistreating you? Can you overlook the fact that you are making effort towards them but they haven’t understood what their role should be?

If you have matured – you can overlook that, and lovingly teach them and guide them to get (and know) better. And let them mature at their own pace.

Davidism #24 – Forgive Them, They Don’t Know Any Better


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