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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

I am finding out that much of what we know is based on a lie. Most of our opinions, the way and reasons that we do certain things, our reasonings, our worldview – all based on things that we believe to be true but just aren’t. And it is negatively affecting our lives. The best analogy to compare this situation to is that we live in “the matrix” and devoid of truth. There are some of us that are escaping the matrix, but when we come back to “free” others – it just seems like those that are “free” are trying to ensnare those that minds have been blinded from Truth.

First, the reason why we ended up believing the lie is because most people don’t choose anything to be the definitive standard in their lives. Something by which they can measure their thoughts, actions, and worldview by. And even those who have chosen a “definitive standard” they don’t necessarily subscribe to everything it imparts and if they do; they don’t at all times. They will tend to treat it as a buffet. “I’ll take a little of this and a little of that, but won’t believe this, and won’t do that” sort of approach. This approach or the lack of a standard choice leads people to have a “if it feels good, do it” lifestyle, “if it makes logical sense, go for it” way of thinking, or a “if it’s a societal norm, then it must be cool” worldview. If you don’t stand for something – you’ll fall for anything.

“You have to wait 3 days before you call the person you like. And don’t be the first person to tell them how you feel” – LIE!

“You have to fight and scratch your way to get to the top!” – LIE!

“Marriage is not for today, it’s an outdated institution” – LIE!

“The lyrics of these songs don’t affect what people do.” – LIE!

These are just a few lies that we’ve bought. There are thousands more and they shape the way we see the world. And some of us know they are lies yet we’ve rationalized the failures in our thinking because it’s the only world we know. We justify where we are based on these lies and refuse to change because it would possibly mean that we’d have to admit we are wrong. And nobody wants to admit that. But the problem with living life based on a lie is that it keeps you trapped in a less than ideal situation. Really it leaves them in a destructive cycle.

“And you will know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.” (John 8:32 Bible)

The implication here is that if Truth makes people free, than whatever the “lie” is keeps people in bondage. But what is Truth? This is where it gets controversial, but stay with me.

“Set them apart by your Truth, Your Word is Truth” (John 17:17 Bible) This is an excerpt of Jesus praying for some people. He was asking for those people to be set apart by Truth and he defines Truth as the Word of God. Ok, so what’s the Word of God?

“All scripture is God-breathed and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in right living.”  (2 Timothy 3:16 Bible)

So apparently, the Word of God is scripture, the Bible. And it’s this Word of God that is Truth, and this Truth that makes people free. So what’s the lie? The lie is anything that competes with the Word of God, anything said that is an opposition to it. And these lies are what bring people in bondage situations. Stay with me.

Everybody knows this story of Adam and Eve in the garden. God creates them and gave them the first word that they can have anything in the garden, but NOT to touch the tree that was in the middle. And he tells them that if they touch the tree that then they would surely die. This was the Word from God, it was Truth for them. Then comes the serpent, and tells them that if they touched the tree that they WOULD NOT die. This is a word that competed with and opposed God’s Word. And yet when they chose to obey the lie, they ended up in the bondage situation.

I think that most of us think that we are smarter than God. He tells us stuff like, “I think it’s a good idea to wait until marriage to do the sex thing” and our worldview is that we should have sex as often as we feel like it as a single person. In fact, it’s called dating, right?  Yet we think that God is putting us in bondage with his “rules” and we are living free when we are in violation of them. But He was trying to save us a lot of heartache. We did it our way and created situations of all kinds of new diseases, emotional drama related to having a connection with a bunch of partners, unwanted pregnancies, and all sorts of things related to sex.

Speaking of sex, everything we know about sex is based on a lie. Somewhere along the lines we thought that sex was supposed to be mysterious. We started out having sex in high school and started sneaking around, so we think there should be an element of danger involved. We think that it’s always supposed to happen with the lights out. We think that we have to be drunk or tipsy to enjoy it or to let our inhibitions down. Then we get into committed relationships and marriages and carry these lies into something that God created and those attitudes don’t work there. Since the element of danger is gone, the mysteriousness lost, people start to think that their sex lives are boring. Instead of understanding that there is a whole level of honesty, openness, and intimacy involved in married sex that single people will never understand.

I am probably hung up on living life based on the lie in the area of relationships because of recent conversations that I have had with people. But this problem extends in all directions and areas of our lives like character issues, financial, issues with family, parenting, and many others. It’s hurting us. Steve McNair died because he believed the lie that his marriage wasn’t enough. Today I was watching the show Gotti’s way, and Irv Gotti is destroying his family because he believes that he can have a woman on the side and still not affect his children and family.

The Truth is not designed to bind us up. It’s designed to have us live in the most free life possible, where there is no regret and little pain. We let the lie convince us that it’s the other way around – that if we do it God’s way that we will miss out. You’ll miss out alright. You will miss out on the hurt, the pain, the frustration, the guilt, the shame, running to drugs, alcohol and promiscuity to numb the pain and the problem of not being able to look at yourself in the mirror because of things you’ve done in your past. There is much I can say on this topic. But for now. Find out what the Truth is, give it a shot, and see that when you escape “the matrix” won’t your life be better.


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