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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

They are calling it the “Beer Summit.” They are. The President is saying it’s not a “summit” at all. In fact, he is trying to downplay the situation as much as possible as just a few guys getting together to discuss some issues over a beer. At first I didn’t know what to think about this idea. Was the president going to allow a bunch of folks to come over every time they had a disagreement to play “Peer Mediation?” Then it occurred to me that it’s his house and he can invite whomever he wants over. It’s actually a pretty mature idea. Whether a beer drinker or not, it is a grown up example of how people should get together and talk over issues that have gone too far. So now that I’m over that I figured I’d have some fun with the hoopla of the news broadcasting what types of beer each man had.

redstripeProfessor Gates ordered a Red Stripe beer. This is a Jamaican beer. But most interesting is that this beer used to have commercials where the slogan was (and I quote) “Helping Our White Friends Dance For Over 70 years.” Interesting choice Professor. Was that subliminal or subconscious? You certainly have some of our nation of white friends dancing over this race issue.  But the officer is not going for it…

Officer John Crowley preferred the Blue Moon beer. Like the “boys in blue” – like 5-0, like the cops! There used to be commercials for Blue Moon beer where the commercial was calm and soothing and at the end would say: Be Bold, Blue Moon. Was this subliminal or subconscious? Was the officer trying to say that he was composed throughout the interaction between he and the professor? Is he trying to say that amongst the allegations of racial profiling that he will in fact, “Be Bold” and not offer an apology? Who knows. bluemoon

Perhaps they just like the taste of these beers. And maybe throwing back a few brews and talking the thing all the way through will help squash the issue. Just a couple guys. And if not, maybe the photo op will teach us a lesson about talking over our issues. Time will tell.

Oh, you want to know the President’s choice of beer? He had a Bud Light. No reason – just because it has “Drinkability”


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