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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

It has more and more become apparent to me the importance of slowing down and enjoying life. Every bit of it. Life really seems to pass most of us by while we are looking forward to the next thing or working towards our goals.

My life personal motto is to “Live Intentionally, Die Empty” and while that is all about doing stuff on and with purpose I just added the fact that if you don’t enjoy life intentionally you’ll get to the end of your days and look back and realize that you missed the whole thing.

One way to enjoy life is to “Be Where You Are” at all times. Let me give you an example. My wife and I went to dinner yesterday at La Tavola here in Atlanta. We were able to really enjoy that outing because we focused all of energy, thoughts, and conversation on that time period.
Imagine if one of us were trying to hold a conversation and enjoy the time while fooling around on the BlackBerry or thinking about what we had to do the next day. Or on the flip side being at work and thinking about everything besides finishing the project. Seems like we are always trying to figure out what’s ahead and we look like we are perpetually distracted.

I know a guy who everytime he speaks to anyone they feel like they are the only people in the room because he focuses all his energy on listening to them and not doing anything else while he listens. He is practicing Being Where He Is rather than where he is going next. That is how you are able to squeeze every drop out of this life and not regret it once its done.



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