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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

TempleShirleyMrBojanglesDear BET,

You’ve done it again. You have once given the rest of the world ammunition that black people can not put together anything of quality. I struggled through what was supposed to be a tribute to the late great Michael Jackson but turned out to be several hours of disorganized “shuckin’ and jivin” and coonery to say the least. I’m not sure why I’m surprised at this, BET, we have come to expect this type of crap from you particularly with your awards shows, but we thought this time would be different and we gave you a chance. In fact, we all thought that we would come together despite our differences because you told us that this would be a tribute to our beloved Michael Jackson. We didn’t see a tribute. Maybe you honored him at that moment I turned the channel so I wouldn’t have to watch Lil’ Wayne tell us how he wanted to “screw every girl in the world” while his daughter and other jailbait danced around on stage. But I digress.

I was particularly embarrassed and felt horrible when Lil’ Wayne’s awful displayed was followed by Janet Jackson. Great transition by the way. (pause to recognize the sarcasm.) She came out visibly distraught and hurt. I’m sure she looked that way because of the trying couple days that she’s endured, but I am pretty sure that the “tribute” that you put on in honor of her brother did not help ease anything. She looked and spoke with anger in my estimation. She said that she was the one “elected” by the family to have to come out and speak. And that to everyone else he was an icon, but to them he was family. This was particularly crushing to hear because many of us felt like he was family, and BET you should have done a better job to treat him like he was family on this tribute.

The saddest part of it all was the post show where all the celebrities clammored and high-fived each other thinking they had done a good job. Whatever helps you sleep at night. If you want to know how the viewing population felt, do a Twitter search on BET Awards. I saw two tweets that summed it up best saying:

“I wish BET had died and MJ did a tribute to them”

“They should have cancelled this sh*t and did a 3 hour moment of silence’

Don’t lie to us again BET. You should have kept with your regular scheduled awards show and took time to put together something that you could be proud of… not throw something together like a backyard BBQ. Please don’t perpetuate the stereotype. Do better. Guess we’ll have to wait until the Grammys in February to get a real tribute to the King of Pop.


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