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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

Michael Jackson Week

“There’s a man/Everybody thought they knew/Ooh there’s such a man/He’s not like me and you ooh” – There’s A Man

When news hit that Michael Jackson had died, it seemed everyone was in a state of unbelief. For several days following multiple channels (radio and TV) interrupted the regularly scheduled programming and dedicated the entire day to his music and his very interesting life story. The next day I recall walking past people sitting at tables eating their lunch and it seemed that Michael Jackson was on everyone’s lips. During his lifetime and his nearly four decades in the spotlight there was “something” about this man that intrigued people. Something that people couldn’t quite capture what it was about him… couldn’t put their finger on it. That certain “je ne sais qua” that was not solely his musical genius or his incredible dancing. He had to be more.

He was… REMARKABLE. To be remarkable means to be noteworthy, worthy of notice, uncommon, and extraordinary. Many times at funerals there is a segment carved out for “Remarks” where people who knew the deceased come up and speak about things that made this person stand out. What made them extraordinary, uncommon, and worthy of notice. Over the past few days I have watched seemingly every news medium, Facebook, Twitter, and hearing people at different gatherings talk about what it is about Michael Jackson that made him so interesting to them. How, like in the song, The Man, he was “not like me and you.” But I have 2 questions for you:

1. What makes YOU remarkable: When you leave here, what kinds of things will be said about you? Will you pass from this earth and nobody care or notice? Sure Michael Jackson made an impact on the globe. But what kind of impact are you making on those in your immediate world? With your family, friends, co-workers, those who serve you at the drive-thru window? You can do little things to make someone’s day. You can even be remarkable in a BAD way. Are you the boss who your employers go home and talk to their families about how much you stress and belittle them? Are you the source of someone’s pain or bad day? You can take daily steps to be ultimately remarkable in a good way.

2. Does God think you’re remarkable: We sometimes define what’s remarkable by things that are arguably the wrong priorities. Is Bill Gates remarkable for being so wealthy? Is Michael Jordan remarkable for his ability to command a basketball court? Is Martin Luther King, Jr remarkable for leading the civil rights movement? Does God think these people are remarkable? What about you- does God think you’re remarkable? If God had to open his wallet and show someone your picture and “remark” about you, what would he be proud to say. “My kid is an honor student?”  It’s written in the scriptures that “man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart”. (1 Sam 16:7)



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