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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

My Dad, David Sr and my nephew Andrew. Dad still is spending time with family.

My Dad, David Sr and my nephew Andrew. Even as a grandpa Dad is still is spending time with family.

I recently heard the phrase, “the older I get the smarter my parents become.” I think that’s funny because we all know that as we get older what we really discover is that our parents knew what they were taking about all along. It’s Father’s Day today and that is kind of how I feel. The older I get the more I appreciate what a great Dad I had growing up. He was and is a really good man.

When we were growning up my Dad spent a lot of time with us kids. He was playful and enjoyed being with his family. I remember him being at school functions and coming to the school to teach our gym classes and even organizing our annual field days. My cousins would come to our house to seek counsel and refuge because our house was a safe haven. I learned lots of lessons from my father without him sitting down and telling me. Mainly from observation. I learned about his “by any means necessary” attitude. When cars broke down he would walk and make sure my mom had a car. He would work late nights and two jobs at times but never let that substitute or be an excuse for why he couldn’t spend time with us. Another thing I saw in my dad was when I got older and he visited me in college. We were walking thru the mall and I saw some cute girls and said “whoa look at them” and he said, “If you think those women look good, your mother is really looking good. I can’t wait to get back to see her.” Those types of things mark me.

So cheers to my dad and Happy Father’s Day because he knows (unlike lots of dads) that love is spelled T-I-M-E. Because when it’s all over in this life that is what is going to count to your children… not that you put food on the table or gave them everything that they wanted, but that you showed that you loved them by spending time with them!


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