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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

I take tons of notes. Tons! I have notebooks full of notes everywhere and sometimes my wife gets a little frustrated with me because I tend to have post-it notes everywhere with little things that come to mind that I am processing or plan to do at a later time. (This is why she let me get a BlackBerry phone so that I could keep that stuff centralized… but I digress.)

While flipping through an old notebook I ran across some old notes I had taken (from I don’t know where) and it was titled 10 Questions to Uncover Your Destiny… I thought I’d share them with you:

10 Questions to Uncover Your Destiny:

1. What’s the deepest desire of your heart?: Desires are the God-given capacity placed in you to fulfill your destiny. Separate heart-felt desires from passing thoughts. Pay attention to that thing that won’t go away.

2. What stirs your passion? What gives you zeal, fire, excitement, intensity. Passion stirs us to action. Ask yourself, what makes you the most upset? What makes you care to the point of anger.

3. What flows naturally out of you?:  Your course of destiny will feel natural. If just flows. If the shoe fits…wear it! It’s something that is easy for you, but complex for others

4. Where do you produce good results?:

5. What is the witness within yourself?

6. What do mature counselors see in you?

7. What career do you feel God’s peace about pursuing?

8. What thoughts, visions, dream, are impossible to put out of your mind?

9. To what can you give 100% of yourself for your entire life?: Whatever God planned for you will use all your strength, gifts, talen and emotions. He did not give you abilities only to ignore them.

10. What do people want to gather around and help you accomplish?: People can sense destiny and they like to get involved.

Note this: You don’t CHOOSE your destiny… you DISCOVER it!


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