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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

Saturday I got a chance to talk to my mom for almost 3 hours on the phone. This I enjoy because when we get into these long conversations she opens up, becomes very transparent and shares quite a bit of wisdom with me. She told me about something that her mother had told her about years ago that got me thinking.

She said, “People change about every 7 years”

As my mother was telling me this, it dawned on me how true this actually is. Think about it:

0-7 years, 7-14 years old, 14 – 21 years old, 21- 28 years old, 28 – 35 years old, 35 – 42 years old, 42 – 49 years old, etc.

When I think about the people that I know that fall into those categories. And I think about what I was going through and what changes I was making around those times. I really see that it could possibly be a very real observation. The little impartation will also make me rethink what’s going on with people. Later this year is my birthday and I am falling into a transition category and I have actually been noticing a difference in my thinking, priorities and a bunch of other things. This change is good and I can’t wait to fully be pulled over completely into that new category of change. I am anticipating what it is going to bring.


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