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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

When Kanye West was first starting out rapping, he would go to his mother and tell her that was his job. As mothers tend to do she brought him a reality check and said, “Until it starts bringing in money, it’s a hobby!”

I read or heard that story somewhere and I thought how appropriate having someone to give you that type of blunt honesty is in order to motivate or correct in your own life.  One of my personal strengths is being “self honest.” Self honesty is the ability to be self aware, know the intents of your heart and motives and honestly assess your own strengths and weaknesses and to not hide behind them.

I had a self honest moment not too long ago. For years I had been defining myself as “an entrepreneur.” My profession would be to be a serial entrepreneur. But I came to realize that yes, while I do and will own more businesses… that is NOT who I am. And that is NOT what I am going to be careerwise. It was a startling awakening. I had to stop defining myself that way. There is something else that I was put on the planet for.

Davidism #20 – Cultivate Self-Honesty: Becoming a self honest person can avoid wasting years of time, tons of money and losing precious people in your life. My wife can trust that I am not making any decisions for our family based on any selfish reasons because I always tell her, “I’m not sure yet why I want to go in this direction I will check my motives to see if I’m just being selfish or whatever.” The better you judging yourself, it helps to avoid the pain of having someone else to come in and give you that reality check that Kanye’s mother had to give him. That self honesty can wake you up to jerk the slack out and become a better you.


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