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Live Intentionally, Die Empty


I just watched a very powerful episode of Grey’s Anatomy with my wife where one of the main characters (a doctor) was suffering from an inoperable tumor. She (Izzy) for several episodes had been stuck between resigning to the tumor and fighting to live. She saw a woman she had become friends with go through over 10 surgical procedures only to crash and end up living like a vegetable. Izzy made up in her mind at that moment that if she was going to go on with the surgery it would be ONLY if it would be successful. She demanded that they let her sign a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) if the surgery was not to allow her to live. Unfortunately, after the surgery, there was complications and she crashed and going against the DNR order, all her doctor peers try to resuscitate her… to no avail.

There were many lessons to draw from that episode but as I get ready for bed tonight, it got me thinking about things that we may need to assign a DNR in our lives. We try to force things that may just need to die. Learn to know which things you need to keep pushing thru because there is a chance at its having a fruitful life and other things that you give a shot and realize it will never have a fruitful productive existence, and let it rest. Assign certain things a DNR. Try it, but let it die if it’s not right. Too many of us keep trying to force life into what’s lifeless. Resuscitating what needs to retire. And when we do this all we get is something that is a lifeless vegetable. It can’t even live on its own. DNR.


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