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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

On the radio this morning a lady called in to confess what was basically a crime that she committed while at work. She worked in her company HR department and was responsible for processing new hire paperwork. A new employee was hired and his paperwork processed but he later decided not to accept the job. 14 days later a check for this man appeared on this woman’s desk. She was having financial trouble so decided to cash the check. 14 more days passed and another check showed up. She cashed that one too. She decided to have that check continually direct deposited in her account… for 2 years.

Davidism #18- Desperate times don’t call for desperate measures. Sometimes those desperate measures create greater desperate measures. Now this lady is potentially facing criminal charges when the IRS finds out, her employer finds out, or when the man that she defrauds finds out.


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