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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

I’m fortunate to know some very successful people. And being around those sorts of people you tend to pick up valuable lessons (sometimes without them saying anything at all.)

Here is what I learned about looking for a job:

Davidism #16 – Search for a job like you are working a job: I know that in these tough economic times there are a ton of people out of work and doing the whole job search thing. I know that it can even be frustrating at time. But job searching takes effort and sometimes lots of it. If you are unemployed you have probably read every piece of advice on the subject. But here is a little more that can help. To search for a job like you are working a job means that you are diligent as if you are employed already. Typically if someone is not working they sit around in their “jammies” or some other comfortable clothes and peruse the internet for jobs and make phone calls with sporatic breaks. But try this: Set your alarm clock, wake up, shower, get dressed in business casual attire, eat breakfast, and get to “work” by 9am. When you are at “work” looking for a job. Start by planning out your day (how you are going to search that day, who you are going to call) including break times and lunch, and stick to your plan. At 5pm, call it quits! Leave “work” and change from your “work clothes” and resume private life. Just like working a job. Chances are you will get better results.

So why do this? Why dress in business casual attire? Well the lesson I learned from the successful person was “Dress how you want to feel” and your attitude will change that way. So if you are dressed business casual and treat the job search like a job it will do something about adjusting your mindset.

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