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Live Intentionally, Die Empty


I wonder if as many people would have been affected by the recession if the media hadn’t been pumping the news of it day and night for the past almost 2 years (if not longer). Sure there were some people having a rough time, but when the news got wind of it, everyone stopped spending and the whole thing became a mess.

Now the news found out about the H1N1 virus, more commonly known as the Swine Flu and all of a sudden everyone has the sniffles! (Or they won’t eat bacon, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!) Seems like this country love the drama. We love the idea of panic for some reason. Love being terrified. It’s so strange. This isn’t the first time of course, remember the Bird (Avian) flu, oh and the West Nile virus? Both of these things had folks running away from parrots and mosquitoes. I think they called these ‘pandemics’. Oh and there was the time there wasn’t enough flu shots and people thought we were all going to die. And here’s another throwback… Y2k. The world was supposed to end, yet here we are.

I learned this morning, that this is not the first time that the Swine Flu has graced the stage. Back in 1976, President Ford found out that someone at a military base had contracted it and ordered that everyone get shots. It costs millions of dollars only to find out that all 500 men on the base already had contracted it yet never demonstrated any symptoms. I also learned today that those face masks that people are wearing don’t even work as a preventative. So they’ve got the entire country of Mexico walking around like the movie Outbreak. The CDC made this very clear… just use common sense and wash your hands, etc.

Davidism #14- Your perception is your reality. Don’t let someone else shape it: I am not denying the fact that these things are real. I am just challenging you to make sure you don’t take someone else’s word to create a stir. Investigate things for yourself. By the way, I still say “I’m not participating in the recession or the swine flu, I think I’ll pass”


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