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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

imagesp1People who constantly talk about the problems in their life get on my nerves. Seriously. Everytime you see them they want to tell you what’s “wrong.” In fact, when I go to work, there are certain people that when they approach me, I ask them “What’s RIGHT today” just to get them to focus on something other than all the misery.

Davidism #13-Don’t call the dog when you want the cat: What do I mean by that? When you spend more time thinking about the problems in your life you begin to talk about the problem. The talking about the problem only perpetuates it. The mind never shifts into solution mode. Instead of saying, “I can’t figure out how to pay these bills” (calling the dog) start saying “I can or am going to figure out how to get these bills paid.” (calling the cat). I know people who are constantly sad-sacking about how they will never be married and how they only attract the idiots (calling the dog) instead of saying “there are good men out there and I’m going to have one.” (calling the cat.)

Stop talking about what you don’t want and talk about what you do want so your mind can switch focus.


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