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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

drunk21I’ve come to the conclusion that a majority of people are a little sensitive… and some people are a lot sensitive, particularly when it comes to hearing any criticism or a critique. As soon as someone calls them on their issue the first thing they do is deny it, say why it’s not possible, accuse the person making the observation of the same issue and then finally bring up another issue that the observer has.

We can all understand that, though. I remember years ago I was known for being mean to people. I was what I liked to call “a straight shooter.” I called it like I saw it even at the expense of people’s feelings. But for some reason I couldn’t see that what I was doing was considered rude or mean. They should have been able to take it, I thought. You know get thicker skin.  So every person that knew me would tell other people, “David is mean.” That was my reputation. But I would always say that it wasn’t true and that everyone else was soft.

Davidism #11 – If 10 people in one night say that you’re drunk, sit down.: In college I had the craziest roommates. They loved to drunk and do drugs. But one of them in particular would never know when he’d had enough to drink. He always felt like he was ok. So he’d stumble around the party and every person that he’d come into contact with would laugh and say, “Dude you are so drunk.” To which he would respond. “No, man, I’m fine.” And he would continue to look like a total moron the whole night. Listen, if only a couple people think that you have an issue then maybe you’re right, it may be something personal with them and they should get over it. Maybe they have a problem with you or they’re jealous of you or whatever. But if every person says that you have the same problem then you probably do have that problem and need to take a realistic look at yourself.

Now with my story I finally took it to heart that I was a mean person and have made a conscious effort to learn what it meant to NOT be mean. I literally studied on the topic and have since become a better person in that area. Enough people told me I was “drunk” and I decided to “sit down.”



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