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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

bullhornI’m a pretty hard guy to impress, and the only things that get a rise out of me are TRUTHS.  I was reading a blog of a fellow Twitter buddy and got inspired by the simple truth that I’m not even sure she knew that she had stumpled upon. Her article is called Single and Not Looking.  Read it right now and other articles that she posts while you are there.

Here are the comments that I submitted:

“Shout this one from the rooftops. This is the correct formula. Single and not looking. While marriage is the TOPS (when you do it right), being single is absolutely a gift. To be more clear every stage of life is a gift and should be enjoyed while you are there. People get so concerned about “what’s next” that they forget to enjoy the here and now. Then when they get to “what’s next” they are wishing they had the “what was before.” If we enjoy life as each stage we can have days of heaven on earth. And if you string enough of those days together you get great months, and enough of those months together you get great years and enough years together you end up living a pretty satisfying life. Bravo!”

Davidism #10 – Live Life in the Moment: This sounds like a cliche phrase but it’s true. Don’t let life pass you up by being more concerned about tomorrow. And you’ve been doing it your whole life. When you were in kindergarten you wished you were in 5th grade so you can be the big kid, you got in fifth grade and was focused on being in middle school, you finally got to middle school and was the low man on the totem pole again so you wished you were in 8th grade, then in 8th grade you coveted to be in high school. You got to be a freshman and got treated like one so you couldn’t wait to be a senior, You were finally a senior and was itching to go to college. Finally got in college and couldn’t wait to graduate because college felt like jail, You finally got in the real world, got a job and wished you were back in college.  You realized that you were still single and wanted to get married so bad because your biological clock was ticking. You finally got someone to marry you and then you wished for the freedom of being single. So you switched your focus to having kids, you finally have kids now you have to deal with diaper bags, bottles and carseats everywhere you go and you can’t wait for your kids to grow up and leave, your kids finally grow up and leave then you have empty nest syndrome and harrass your kids for grandchildren, your kids finally give you grandkids and then they drop them off at your house and don’t come back for hours, now you’re complaining that you’re not some built in babysitter. All this and you forgot to enjoy every stage of the journey. START TO ENJOY IT TODAY! Starting with today.


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