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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

I just got finished watching VH1’s For the Love of Ray J episode where Ray J invited his friends and family to meet his final 3 girls. Now granted, I think he did an awful job of picking and perhaps it’s because they were the best of the worst, but that’s a whole new conversation.

I thought it was hilarious when Ray’s friends found out that one of the girls had previously had an intimate relationship with one of his friends and had went on a date with another. That wasn’t the funny part because I suppose that could happen to anyone if you float in the same circles. But later all the friends started to chant, “Danger, She Smashed The Homies, Danger, She Smashed The Homies!” Now they were talking about her having had sex with a member of their group of friends but there is a point there that can be taken a big further. Does it matter if the person you are in a relationship with has “smashed the homies?”

On the show they were talking about the issue of not being involved with a woman if she had sex with a member of your group of friends. Sure, there are a bunch of problems that can stem from that knowledge. For instance, there is the issue of comparison, the potential argument of a girl coming between his guys but more importantly the issue of why “Danger” was not good enough for the homie to make him his girl.

Davidism #9 – If She “Smashed The Homies, Then Pass” :  Now take that point beyond a sexual relationship and consider just relationships in general, even business relationships. If you ever meet a person and establish any type of relationship with them and during that stretch of time discover that this person has been in association with someone else in your circle you need to ask yourself what about this person made someone you trust (you friend) dismiss this person from their life.  This could be a red flag why you wouldn’t want to pursue that relationship. Maybe your trusted friend realized that this person had nothing to offer or was only good for one aspect of their life. But for whatever reason you need to discover and in most cases pass. That’s why they called her “Danger”… because she smashed the homies.



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