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Live Intentionally, Die Empty


The state of Georgia is thinking about instituting a tax on people who speed over a certain speed limit.  So that means that not only will the person get a speeding ticket but will have to also pay an additional tax on top of the ticket. I guess the states are doing all they can to raise some revenue. I heard about this while listening to the Frank and Wanda Morning Show on V-103 in Atlanta. The radio host, Frank Ski was all up in arms about the new tax, which his anger may be warranted, but his reason is quite ridiculous.

I believe that the law said that if you were caught going 85 miles per hour in a 65 zone the tax would kick in. Frank kept saying that “everybody speeds in Atlanta.” I suppose that blanket statement is mostly true, but it reminded me of a child’s response to authority when caught in the act. “Well Jimmy was doing it too!” and the authority’s answer, “yep but you got caught.

I always think it’s quite humorous when people are pulled over by people and they try to debate with the officer on the notion that “that blue chevy was going much faster than I was but you stopped me.” And the fact may be that the other car was going quickly but you still can’t deny the fact that you too were also “breaking the law” – even if just by a little.

Davidism #7 – Accept Responsibility: Look, whenever we are caught doing something wrong it seems to upset our day. We spend the entire day nursing and rehearsing how when other people were doing the wrong they weren’t caught, but we were. We don’t spend nearly enough time admitting to our own wrong in the matter. Really, if we would just say, “yep, I did it” then we don’t have to ruin our day and try to convince other people to join our pity party… and frankly people who admit their mistakes look better in the character category.


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