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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

This weekend I got some sad news about a man that I used to volunteer with in a non-profit organization. Apparently he had taken his own life leaving behind a wife and two kids. It was quite a shock both to me, my wife and the entire non-profit organization because this was seemingly the happiest and most friendly man that many of us had ever met. So you can imagine how this was burning on the minds of the people who knew him.

I can’t say that I knew him very well but I can say that he was the kind of man that it didn’t matter how well he knew you because he would always go out of his way to speak to you whether he knew your name or not. Then I thought about how those closest to him must feel. Had he ever said anything or given the impression that he needed some help? Makes you think.

I am very vocal about my feelings, especially for a guy. My wife knows that I am hardly ever going to hold stuff in. If I hold stuff in it’s like I can’t talk about anything else until I get what’s on my mind off my chest.  That’s just how I’m made up but I know there are tons of people not like that. I found out a long time ago that when you hold stuff in, in your mind it grows bigger and bigger until that problem consumes you and you begin to think that it’s the biggest problem in the world. When all you have to do is tell someone about the problem and they can help you talk through it and help you realize that it’s not as big as it is being made out to be in your mind.

Davidism #6 – If you can still say HELP you can still get help: I was reading the bible the other day about the story where Jesus was walking on the water and then Peter got out of the boat and begin to walk on water too. Then the wind started to blow and Peter got distracted and began to sink. He cried out to Jesus and said “SAVE ME!” and the bible said that IMMEDIATELY Jesus reached down to help him out of the water. If you think about it… the wind really had nothing to do with causing him to sink. He let that distract him, but one thing was clear that he knew to get help instead of drowning. If you can still ask for HELP then the battle is not lost. Talk to somebody and let them help you out, talk with you about what’s going on or help you realize that what you are dealing with is not the end of the world… but NOT reaching out for help can be the end of the world… for you.drowning11


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