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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

“davidism #3″ – Rest and Rest Fully!”


I get my work ethic from my dad. That man works hard. I could tell you story after story of how that man does whatever his hands finds to do to make sure my mother and us were taken care of.

So when Friday afternoon I was sitting at my desk at work and I instantly felt like I got ” bionic elbowed” from the top ropes and then tossed into the street to be hit by a Mac truck, I was a little confused on what to do. It was around 3pm and I had a couple hours left to go. I thought about leaving early but figured I could fight thru it. A major fever took over, my throat started to swell and I was literally shaking with chills so hard that my teeth were chattering. I managed to last those two hours but then had the hour long drive home which I can barely remember. I felt blind. I got home and cowered under the covers until my wife came home to help. (She kind of reprimanded me for not calling her earlier… to which I replied jokingly, “I’m a man!”)

Even though I was in pain, I handled appointments on Saturday, went to church on Sunday, and even went into work on Monday. My wife and mother said that I had the flu. So I went to work Monday for a couple hours and then went home to rest for the week. Flashback to the present. It’s Wednesday and I am home in bed. Feeling better, probably well enough to be functional at work, but felt I should go ahead and finish resting up. (They say if you go out too early that flu can turn to pneumonia.)

So here is your davidism for today:

Davidism #3:  “Rest, and Rest Fully!”: We live in a society where everything is go, go, go! And we sometimes feel guilty for taking a moment to rest. Even the phrase “moment to rest” is a guilty phrase because for some reason we feel like we only deserve “a moment.” You need to schedule time to rest— and rest fully. Rest fully means rest until your body (not your mind) tells you that you are rested. God mades this body fearfully and wonderfully. This body will let you know when its had enough. It will give out on you. Don’t let your body have to tell you what you should already know.

Getting some "forced" rest

Getting some "forced" rest

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