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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

I just heard on the news that some man his children and wife and then turned the gun on himself because he lost his job. It was only a couple of months ago that the same thing happened with some other man for the same reason. During that time, an old lady also shot herself in the stomach because she was about to lose her house in a foreclosure.

Listen, if you lose your job it’s not the end of the world. It’s really not. In fact, if you kill your family and yourself that IS the end of the world. At least your world, and it sure does a bit to shatter the world of those you leave behind. I can understand how people have become upset about the frequent job loss and the apparent breakdown in the economy. I mean, this morning, I turned over to look at headlines on my Blackberry and every single headline (and I mean EVERY) talked about job loss and cuts. So what is happening is that people are meditating on the fact that things are so bad that they can’t go on.

News Flash: If you lose your job you CAN go on. So do just that. And especially don’t deny the right to keep on living from your loved ones. Think about this as you keep looking at those headlines of thousands upon multiplied thousands of job losses. You aren’t the only one who has lost their jobs. You are not alone. So here is some tough love that may seem a little insensitive. Get over it… There are millions out there in the same boat as you. Your situation is not any more special than anyone else. So go grab a Coke and a smile, take a day to relax and ENJOY your family that you’ve been neglecting while in the rat race, and then get on the grind to find another gig. You will be ok.


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