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Live Intentionally, Die Empty

I’ve known about Twitter for a little while now. At first I could not figure out what the purpose was. I was looking at the blog of Philip Defranco who goes by SXEPHIL on youtube. (He’s a funny guy by the way, check him out) He had something on his page that said “stalk me on twitter” and his twitter message said that he was at Panera Bread.

“Who cares!?” I thought, but wouldn’t you know it that about a year later I am on Twitter typing about how I had just bought a bottle of SmartWater and felt stupid about it.

What makes us think that everybody wants to know what we are doing all the time? On Facebook we (and by we I mean me too) constantly change our “status” to let everyone know that we are on our way to work and that traffic is running more smoothly than normal.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is great, but it gets really weird when you feel like you have to pick up your Blackberry to let folks know that you are about to make love to your wife. (It wasn’t me who did that, but darn if I didn’t consider it that one time.) I think we can blame it all on MTV, right? They started that show the Real World and all of a sudden everyone thinks that they are their own reality TV show.

Status: David is writing a blog post about how addictive social networking media has become and is finishing typing now.

Wait... gotta check Facebook

Wait... gotta check Facebook


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